Monday, June 25, 2012

Woohoo! I finished something!

Baby Sweater - done!  Knitted, ends woven in, blocked - Done!   (Ok, I still need to sew to tiny little buttons on, but whatever - I'm scratching it off the list!)

And just a few rows away from finishing a scaft, so that's project number #2!

It's not like this is the biggest, most difficult project I've ever done.  But I feel like I've been spinning my wheels, so moving forward is kind of a big deal.

I feel like I've gotten a big jump start - and that, my friends, is a very good feeling indeed.
I'm just so pleased!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It just keeps growing....

You know how, in scary ghost story movies, at some point someone goes down a hallway that keeps getting longer and longer?  Yeah.  That's what The List is like.  Sigh.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Never-ending Scarf

I've had little time to knit, but I've mostly been working on the Star Mesh Scarf.  Or, the scarf of infinite tomorrows, since apparently, it will never be finished.  I knit, and make no progress - doesn't seem possible, and yet, there it is.  I feel like if I could just get this done, I'd be able to make some quick progress on other things.  But like Sisyphus, I just keep going, and going, and going.  Only with a ball of silk yarn instead of some giant rock.  Sigh.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just needed sayin'.  And Mr. O'Donell says it pretty well.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One week in....

Here's the good news.  I haven't worked on anything else.  Nothing new.  Nothing unplanned.  Nothing impulsive.  I have completely adhered to my self-imposed "no new projects" rule.  I have knitted only off THE LIST.
Here's the bad news:  I haven't really gotten anywhere.  I've been working mainly on the silk star mesh scarf.  It's a four row repeat, for heaven's sake, and I still haven't mananged to make much headway.  I just want to finish something, and I'm bound and determined to cross this one off THE LIST.  I hope I still like it when I get it done.

In other news (and I'm using the word "news" pretty loosely here.....I am working on a little somethin' somethin' for an end of the month deadline.  It isn't knitting, so I'm not really cheating, and I'm trying not to spend more than an hour a day on it, tops.  And I'm actually kind of excited about it, in that way you get excited about things before you start them, when the possibility of them ending up exactly like you envision is still, well, possible.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Until then, I'm slogging along.  Sigh.