Monday, July 2, 2012

Beginning Gemini

Last night I cast on  Gemini for Kate.  She has this beautiful suit jacket, black with tiny embroidered roses all over it.  NOTHING goes with it.  At least not anything I have been able to find.  It actually doesn't look bad with a black shirt underneath it, but that is a whole lotta black.  I haven't been able to find a shirt the right shade of pink, let alone one that is:  short/no sleeves (she gets hot); is fitted (because the jacket is fitted); is simple, with no or few embellishments (because the jacket has a lot going on); isn't too low-cut (because people don't take you seriously in speech competitions if you are all about the cleavage); and isn't too long/short/tight/loose/etc.  So just about the time I decided to make one, Gemini came along.  I found the yarn, bought the needles......and promptly put it aside.

(thanks to Knitty for the photo)
But it is on THE LIST!  And now, it is on the needles.  I even swatched, and got gauge exactly!  So I'm very excited!  Hopefully, it will move along quickly - Kate may even be able to wear it a little this summer, and take it with her to Florida.

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