Friday, August 17, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I've been knitting - honestly, I have.  I've gotten to the point of Gemini where I have to change needles, and have been waiting for my mom to finish with my needles.  I've started on a cowl for Christmas, which is turning out really beautifully.  I did my August washcloth, which I LOVED, and no one else appreciated enough, possibly because I kept showing it to them, saying "FEEL THIS!  SO SQUISHY!" and apparently, that gets old after awhile.
It's The Circle Cloth - and this isn't a great picture, but it's a great cloth.  Did I mention it's squishy?

And then Bea chewed through her leash.  So I made this - 
- and became obsessed.  So quick!  So colorful!  So fun!  And useful!  I think I've made all the alterations I need to - and I'm loving them!  There will be more of these in my future, I think, along, possibly, with matching collars.  Perfect for the Dog Days of Summer.

But tonight, it's back to Gemini.  The end is so close, I can taste it!

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